From Mexico to The World

I think Mexico is one of those paces where you don’t really need to think about some of the worries you do have to think about on the other side of the border. But it’s not that Mexicans would worry less, it’s just the things we worry about is different. And what I believe that we worry a lot about, is family. A very close circumference of worry, and sometimes totally needless. When the pig flue came, and other problems.. worry did not go up. But when there was a breakup within the family, the whole family started to break up. So that’s why going out of the country, is not that worrying if you know what I mean.

I have a lot of North American friends, so I have an idea about the amount of worry that they can have for going overseas. I never had that, I had another problem. A problem of finance. But by embracing the outer world, as well as learning how to speak good English has brought me the possibility to fund myself in ways that in return, has made me able to travel. It’s one of my passions in life, to learn about other countries and their cultures. I always bring back home a piece of something, that has melted in me. To become a person of multi-culture is my mission in life in order to enrich my life.

All people, especially the Mexicans have a lot of possibilities. Just not everyone embraces them. But afraid we are not of the world we must not be.



Incompatibility of Computer Work & Heat

It’s hot and having the air-conditioning on is not always an option. Sometimes as if destined, you get loads of stuff to do just when the temperature has shot through the roof. In this case, this reality became very much true, once again. You see, the address of my website has already changed quite a few times. Currently the old domain is forwarding here ( and the domain after that ( stopped working all together. Well, either way.. hopefully people will find their way to the latest address, which should no longer change. Yes, I have settled at for a time that could be described as for, ever! Yes, I am fully the owner of this domain and thus at least the TLD part should never break 😛

I am now once again a happy blogger. But it all came with a cost of much sweat as I was trying to fix all this in the blazing heat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining here. In fact, I am just a happy pooper that got a bit lighter on the way. Now I have earned a day off in my hammock. Until then, see you later dear readers!



Life of The Hammock


No worries my friends, I am still here. It’s been a rocky road down the path of IT but I feel like I am finally making it. It’s time to get down to some fruitful stories. Being a “fresa”, I think a lot of us still embrace a lot of the wonderful things like customs and.. the hammock from indigenous culture.

One of my favourite places to go on holiday within my own country, is Merida. It’s the birth place of the hammock, at least the Mexican kind. In fact, I’ve tried a lot of different hammocks in my life time.. including from Thailand for example. But nothing beats a good hammock from the outskirt villages near Merida.

In fact, it’s even difficult to find a really well made one. Even if you are Mexican! But what’s really interesting about this place, is that whenever you rent an apartment it comes ready with S-hooks. You know, the kind that keeps the hammock rocking.. not just keeps the hammock up but also gives a soothing effect that just puts you to sleep.

In fact, I am not so much into “outdoor use” as in the west. I prefer to just sleep on it, instead of a bed. That’s really one of the marvels of Mexico!!

Being a Fresa

First I wanted to make one thing clear, that I am something that they call “fresa” in Mexico. It’s not considered a very positive word, but I like to break the boundaries of such experessions and laugh about it. That’s why I sometimes call myself Fresa. Some people might get shocked that I would joke about such a thing, but I don’t care. I think it’s good that people get shocked. I consider doing them a favor!

So what’s a fresa then? Well if you don’t speak Spanish you probably won’t understand it’s meaning. But basically it means strawberry.

However the deeper implication is of a person who is half white, with rich Spanish decent. We look a bit different from the ordinary more dark skinned Mexicans who originate from Mayan or Azteca tribes. The Spanish managed to change the population a lot, but not totally. I like the mix here.

So that’s me, a fresa.

Jose Ordonez

The Wei of Things

Wei is an interesting word in Mexican Spanish. It’s very difficult to explain even.. but a friend is a wei which is probably the most common way of using it. Or like, putting it into the ends of sentences like “dude”, “man” in English. So just to explain that “the wei” is not a spelling mistake. It’s funny coincidence that’s all. One of my trademark expressions you could say.

Jose Ordonez