Being a Fresa

First I wanted to make one thing clear, that I am something that they call “fresa” in Mexico. It’s not considered a very positive word, but I like to break the boundaries of such experessions and laugh about it. That’s why I sometimes call myself Fresa. Some people might get shocked that I would joke about such a thing, but I don’t care. I think it’s good that people get shocked. I consider doing them a favor!

So what’s a fresa then? Well if you don’t speak Spanish you probably won’t understand it’s meaning. But basically it means strawberry.

However the deeper implication is of a person who is half white, with rich Spanish decent. We look a bit different from the ordinary more dark skinned Mexicans who originate from Mayan or Azteca tribes. The Spanish managed to change the population a lot, but not totally. I like the mix here.

So that’s me, a fresa.

Jose Ordonez

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