Bringing Chinese Kung Fu Culture Back Home

As I mentioned earlier in my posts, there have been lots of occasions, where I’ve had to come back to Mexico in order to truly learn about my own culture and get into grips with it. Or more than just learning, it’s a lot about accepting ones roots. While this has been endless fun of discovery, my travels have also contributed into the culture pool. Mainly my many travels to ┬áChina and the rest of Asia have been that catalyst.

Way back, when I was traveling in Beijing. I saw an original Beijing Kung Fu Show with not just traditional martial arts, but a beautiful story about Pandas and such. I instantly fell in love with the panda characters and decided to use this idea somehow, back at home. Well, I never did open up a martial arts school in Merida. But what I did do, was collaborate with the local government in order to bring a panda kung fu show in real life to the kids of Mexico. They absolutely loved it, and the event was decorated with a lot of Chinese symbols and decorations. Making sure, that kids understood that this was indeed a part of Chinese culture. Something that everyone seemed very open towards and interested in!

Just like at the Kung Fu Show in Beijing, we had some intense music that was played from the loud speakers and our audience was perhaps even more cheerful. Bringing back culture, doesn’t need to be something serious. In fact, people love to learn about other countries much more when it’s something fun and entertaining. Panda arts, was the theme of the day and it was a total success.

I guess what I was surprised about, was that people had such good attitudes. I know that China is not always under a good spot light, but having extensively traveled in the country, I can say that a lot of it is simply great. Especially the people, who are always so happy and working hard in order to survive. I guess, there needs to be balance between the two. And without a bit of a fight, no one can achieve balance and happiness right?

At least that was what I learned in China. Sometimes through the magic of performing arts. If you are in town, I recommend checking out the show in “Shichahai Theatre”, which is home to the panda action. I have to say that I have also been very interested in Kung Fu after that experience. Seems like a great way to learn about your body and yourself.

I’ll let you know some other great stories fro China next time. Hasta luego!

Jose Ordonez

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