From Mexico to The World

I think Mexico is one of those paces where you don’t really need to think about some of the worries you do have to think about on the other side of the border. But it’s not that Mexicans would worry less, it’s just the things we worry about is different. And what I believe that we worry a lot about, is family. A very close circumference of worry, and sometimes totally needless. When the pig flue came, and other problems.. worry did not go up. But when there was a breakup within the family, the whole family started to break up. So that’s why going out of the country, is not that worrying if you know what I mean.

I have a lot of North American friends, so I have an idea about the amount of worry that they can have for going overseas. I never had that, I had another problem. A problem of finance. But by embracing the outer world, as well as learning how to speak good English has brought me the possibility to fund myself in ways that in return, has made me able to travel. It’s one of my passions in life, to learn about other countries and their cultures. I always bring back home a piece of something, that has melted in me. To become a person of multi-culture is my mission in life in order to enrich my life.

All people, especially the Mexicans have a lot of possibilities. Just not everyone embraces them. But afraid we are not of the world we must not be.



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