Global Amazon Business in Spanish From Spain to Mexico

I know that a lot of you guys like to learn Spanish because it’s a very big language in the world. For example on the internet, Spanish is the third biggest language just next to Chinese. So if you are thinking in terms of profitable, or useful.. after language the most obvious choice at least from my perspective is that of Chinese or Spain. But there some huge differences between the two, of which the single biggest one is in the spread of the language. Chinese is only being spoken in China natively, and in all the foreign countries where immigrants have landed. With so many immigrants and Chinese travelers around the world, no wonder that the business in Chinese language skills is extremely lucrative.

But then then there is the Spanish side of things, which is a very different world indeed. Mainly because it is being spoken in so many countries in the world. In total 21 countries to be exact. Now that gives you not only a lot of coverage around the world, but also an in depth look into a wide variety of cultures. Indeed, Chinese language is also filled with different cultures, all under the same name. It’s a miracle of sorts that they have managed to stay as a one single nation. But Spanish is very special in terms of it’s history and how the language has spread all around the world in a deeply rooted way.

An interesting thing that unites them all, is that all the countries now have their Amazon stores. This is of course one of the biggest online shopping businesses in the whole wide world. So if Amazon is there, that means that it’s because there is huge money to be made. These stores are now located not just in the USA and Canada, but also for example Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy & last but not least.. China of course. That’s why I recommend people who are interested in business opportunities to use this amazing resource to get to know which products are most sold and profitable. To engage into serious business is for the most part a global phenomenon. Without crossing borders, and language barriers it’s virtually impossible to tap into the most juicy of markets that bring a big scale profit.

To match this challenge, we’ve had a focus on the Amazon Spain store located at the URL of While the Mexican one also exists, it is still within baby steps at least in comparison to the vast shop in Spain. For those who want to learn how it all really works, I suggest you first have a look at this perfect guide that I highly recommend: Amazon Spain in English. With the help of this guide, you will be able to break this language barrier, and get to know how to Amazon really works in Spain. Success is just all over this money making machine, which is simply waiting for smart people to come and absorb this data of wealth. I often continue to stumble into the most surprising of innovations that are buried within the millions of pages it contains.

So, I suggest you have fun using Amazon Spain in English until we in Mexico will have a similar wonder to observe. And I have to admit that I am really looking forward to this day!

Best regards & saludos,
Jose Ordonez

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