Incompatibility of Computer Work & Heat

It’s hot and having the air-conditioning on is not always an option. Sometimes as if destined, you get loads of stuff to do just when the temperature has shot through the roof. In this case, this reality became very much true, once again. You see, the address of my website has already changed quite a few times. Currently the old domain is forwarding here ( and the domain after that ( stopped working all together. Well, either way.. hopefully people will find their way to the latest address, which should no longer change. Yes, I have settled at for a time that could be described as for, ever! Yes, I am fully the owner of this domain and thus at least the TLD part should never break 😛

I am now once again a happy blogger. But it all came with a cost of much sweat as I was trying to fix all this in the blazing heat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining here. In fact, I am just a happy pooper that got a bit lighter on the way. Now I have earned a day off in my hammock. Until then, see you later dear readers!



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