Inexpensive Fun in Shanghai: Authentic Massage Experience

In many western countries going to a massage spa is out of ones budget, considered as something luxurious. Well China is truly a life in a time opportunity to experience affordable and good quality massage . A popular activity for any visit to China from business trips to backpackers, having experienced it first hand I know it’s a must. Combined with the luxurious nightlife the city has to offer, it’s just a whole lot of fun without the high expense. What other city could offer such a thrilling night (and day) than the biggest city in China, Shanghai.

Chinese Woman Giving Foot Massage

But it’s advised not to get too carried away. Massage parlors are often synonymous with the sex industry which is just not worth it. There are too many scams and risks involved that it would be just stupid to engage in any of that dodgy business. A lot of it is going on in Shanghai and there are many foreigners that do engage in that sort of stuff. While the Fresa blog is all about fun, there is responsibility that comes with it. Also that’s why I recommend going for an original Shanghai Massage without being intoxicated from alcohol and a clear head. Because this is not just some pleasure experience but an ancient practice of medicine and energy treatment. If you cannot relax and take in the experience, the money might as well be wasted. Because of the abundance of such tourism, there are loads of spas and parlors that offer mediocre services. Boasting with fancy facilities and good looking masseurs is nothing yet. In fact some of the best masseurs in Shanghai are blind. This is not just affordable, but a profession where traditionally the blind have a great skill in. Connecting and feeling with the needs and physical energy alignemtents of the body is crucial for a wholistic, and even transformative massage experience.

Whole body massage is known as “Tui Na” and not only relieves stress but promotes the energy flow in your body, consisting of Yin & Yang. For the Chinese these two opposite forces are essential in building a balance and natural flow of the life energy known as “Chi”. While you don’t need to be a believer in this non-scientific approach, giving one good opportunity for at least an hour long massage could set out to be an addiction for life. Pushing and kneading techniques are used while fully clothed to release locks in the body. This is not some instant pleasure experience and if you body has been accustomed to living with these blockages.. it can be a very strange experience at first to feel such a strong flow of energy. If they are very good, (please contact the Shanghai Massage Guide linked above to get in touch with some excellent masseurs), you might even vomit afterwords and not feel like having a drink for a while. But ultimately it’s all very good for you and can be enjoyed together with a fun night out, just start with the massage and let your conscious take you from there. With all the new energy, you never know what kind of adventures are waiting for you.

The other form of traditional Chinese massage is known as “Zhi Ya” and is more about going directly to the acupuncture points. There is cupping as well which all seem like crazy fun things to do. Perhaps on my next massage adventure in the exciting and wonderful city of Shanghai.

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Any other fun activity you would like to write about traveling in China? Let’s here you out at the comments section below. Take care friends. And as┬áMartin Luther King, Jr. said: You just have to keep on moving forward no matter what.

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