Mexico Struggling Web Services and Hosting Locations

I think Mexico is still lagging behind when it comes to technology and the web. Web design is quite behind and the equipment is still quite old. Ordinary people can never afford a Mac. But a Fresa like me, will most probably have one. Yes.. I have a Macbook. It’s my life line, I work with it and I write my blog with it. I can create wonderful things and I am quite good at a lot of things. Such as running a server, web design, photo editing you name it!

But being covered doesn’t always help when others are not. And for that reason working on the IT business can be rather hard here in Mexico. You basically have to adapt to the world, where to customers come from all kinds of backgrounds. With outdated browsers and even the lack of hardware power has an effect on what you can do with a website these days.

But looking at the statistics Mexico is not as bad as China, in terms of still using Internet Explorer 6 and so on. Everyday, it gets a little bit easier. And in the end, it would not require that much for the country to shape up their computer industry.

But despite the positive attitude I carry, and the hope that I can increase my work here in my own country. It has increasingly went overseas, where there are much fruitful and easier markets to tap into. While many go to the states, not just physically but on the internet that’s the most common path to take. I have recently yet again started to look elsewhere.

Many great web service projects are going to see light in the following years, and I have been able to combine my own country Mexico with markets overseas. I think that if I can pull it off, that will probably be one of the greatest achievements I have had.

I also have a budget, not as small as the ordinary man but. And for this I recently found the best host for multiple locations and also they carry a lot of IP addresses of course. It’s still a struggle to find a good host in Mexico, but once again an outside location has solved my problem.

They often say, how the Internet has evolved so much that there is no need for close-by locations for a server. But this is only valid for certain countries, with high speed internet access. Also, even in these countries like the US, it is difficult to get a good speed to these countries in return. So that situation is not as modern and good as it sometimes seem. That’s anyway what I found out when I started to look at web hosting overseas.

So here were some of the basic things that a web designer in Mexico would deal with, on a daily basis. Opening up to the world is the way to survive!

Your friend, Jose.

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