New Fresa Travel & How to Explore!

Because I love travel, and I am always looking for new ways to expand my horizon beyond my Mexican comfort zone. I thought it’s time to prep-up my blog a little bit and make it more travel orientated! Now I will call it “Fresa Travel“, which would translate to “Strawberry Travel” in Spanish. Now the name seems to fit more to the website and is in fact more in tune with my mentality of globe trekking life. Perhaps it’s time that the word “fresa” in Mexico will learn new horizons and positive vibes through being opened to the world and it’s multitude of culture.

Air China Fresa Travel

This idea came to me, while I was researching for crazy things to do and go to. I know I have covered a lot of China in my travel stories and I just want to say that this trend will continue for sure. One thing is of course that there is something so different about the two countries, Mexico and China. This gives a kind of exotic feeling to traveling over there and seeing something that is just 100% different. Yet dispite this observation, this percentage is even reduged to zero once you get to grips with the new culture. Ultimately that means making loads of local friends, learning the language and starting to get addicted to local food. This is what happened to me in the Chinese mainland which is why I cannot help but return again and again to this wonderful place. Besides that though I will be attempting at the exact same thing in other countries too. For example other countries that are on my radar, are Japan & South Korea.

I have also recently bumped into this very awesome website known as How China that has such an awesome way of writing about what’s happening in the country. The blog is still very new but I am exited to follow how they will develop. Being in contact with the author and administrator, I have no doubt in my mind that he is the expert in the “how” of one of the most favourite travel destinations in the world!

However, even though the site is now named Fresa Travel, it is still important for me to use the world exploration as well. What it means basically, is that what I am doing is beyond just the physical experience. When you add exploration to the mix, you can get to know anything including yourself. But that’s pretty much something one has to experience for themselves, to really transcend that notion of travel and become a traveller, an explorer. This is what I have become, and I hope that the message and that discovery is going to reflect throughout the many wonderful articles that are coming to this blog.

Perhaps, see you in Asia or China or somewhere soon! How knows! =)

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