The American Dream

Not surprisingly, the day had to come when I touch the subject of immigration to America. Or more like, the worship of American values and adoration to the country. Something I am not so fond of. I think a lot of things are much better here in Mexico. I would much rather go to any other country, just not America. It’s true, I used to live there and I love it too. All I am saying, is that it just might not be for everyone.

I wish people would have more long term goals as to why they are immigrating to another country. If so, there might be more consideration towards other countries as well. Why does it always have to be the overcrowded United States of America where all the Mexicans go. There is enough problems there already, even though Mexican work force is badly needed.

I am overly worried about GMO and other unethical business practices that seem to be abundant in the states. But people just ignore that, because in America you can survive without English.

Perhaps language learning is one key. If it could be understood as something common and easy to do. But beyond the barrier of language, there is a much bigger one. And that is a long, long fence with dogs barking on the other side. Be careful my comrades.

Have a good day everyone and think a little about what I have just said,


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