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While back, I discussed the American Dream, which is sometimes rotten to the core. Some people have family back there and authentic reasons for aspiring to that style of life. Which I perfectly understand, and there doesn’t need to be anything wrong with that. I guess I just wanted to clarify that I am not condemning anyone, instead I am putting awareness into things that could possibly be wrong in the mindset of the Mexican people. This is something that even Mexicans themselves admit at times, so it’s not just me making this stuff up. Everything I write here is based on first hand experience, and in some areas I have a lot of it. Almost up to the point that I wish that I wouldn’t know so much. Do you know what I mean? That’s one of the reasons I am channeling all this information through the blog, to kind of bring purity to my own being as well.

Beijing Acrobats Chaoyang Theatre

Anyway, as I went heavy on the American Dream and have talked so positively about all the things I learned and experience in China. I would like to bring other aspects to my comparison of world events, through the Beijing trip.

Not just everyone, but a lot of people might hate China for a lot of things. Some say it’s personal like loosing jobs. Yes, even in Mexico we have that frame of thought which is ridiculous in my opinion. Then, we have the people who actually travel to China and start to think differently. Perhaps they just want an experience, but end up with a changed up mind. It might be even difficult to go back home to bring the good news.

Still there are a lot of problems in China as well. And the Chinese dream is out of reach from most ordinary people. Some say, it’s like being an immigrant in your own country. But I don’t think that’s entirely true. China is all about community, that’s why you don’t see homeless people there. Everyone has a home, friends, people are so important.

These communities vary. Some are family, others are work and business. Either way, if you are in a circle of friends you respect that and grow on it. A good example is the troupe of Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics, which over and over again has astonished me as a collective group. You see, not getting much paid is one thing but sticking together is another. Being just respectful and happy with the little you get, is much easier when you have a group to share that experience with. It makes all those difficulties so little, because you can always trust that even within a big company like Chaoyang Theatre, if you don’t have bread the other acrobats will give it to you. I know it seems incredible for a Mexican, American or other westerners.

Especially since that company is not taking that good care of them, it is the people below that are so closely knit. Only once you enter such a group yourself, you can truly feel what it’s like to be accepted. Often, Chinese language are needed however. Most tourists will simply go to see the acrobatic show and not give second thought to the struggle these acrobats are having. I for one, used to belong to this group until I got to meet some of the staff there that put up this amazing show, usually three times a day.

It turns out, that these people are the most humble people in the world. They have horrible managers, but still they keep on being good to their superiors. If you ask them why, the answer is very simple. They want to be happy.

And with an answer like that you cannot help thinking, that perhaps the Chinese dream is not something to be obtained. It is something that already is. Contrary to the greedy aspects of the American counterpart, we could certainly learn something from Beijing.

Now in Mexico we are in a crossroad, where people are turning into this American way of greed. Yet, something about us is very Chinese. We only need to look back to our roots, find the traditions and the discovery will be amazing. I did that, and I have found out that still most of the people who stay in Mexico and don’t dream about escaping to the states are very happy indeed.

Isn’t it funny. Again, I had to go all the way to Beijing, meet the acrobats at Chaoyang Theatre and then, I realised that Mexicans are happy. Well, there is a way for everything!


Jose Ordonez

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  1. Tell me about it Vincent. These travel related posts make me want to venture out into the world so to say. I have never seen an acrobatic performance like this one before. Cheers!

    Diana D.

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