Traveling and Always Coming Back

I’ve met a lot of people, from all over the world. It’s because I have travelled, or more like had the opportunity to travel a lot. But I always keep coming back, which to me is not obvious at all. Mexico is not always the ideal place to live. Also a lot of the people I’ve met, and travel a lot are not that into their home countries. You could say, that a lot of the travellers out there are escaping their origins or something back home that they dislike.

It’s unfortunate, and also for me it was the main motivator at first. But as soon as I went outside of my country, freshened up my thinking and came back. I started seeing everything in a ┬ánew light so to say.

Then I learned, that you everything can be seen in an unlimited amount of ways. Some people see the negative, even some people see only the positive. What I see, is more of something objective. The things I hate and why I hate them. And the things I love and why I love them.

In many ways, there are a lot of both when it comes to my home country and city. But once I have seen the light from different angles, I just always want to come back. I cannot escape, I want to learn and experience more and more. It is a never ending road, to happiness within you and your surroundings.


Your Fresa, “Jose”.


  1. Hi Jose! Your blog is amazingly insightful about Mexico and it’s culture. I am really interested in how Mexicans themselves see the world, from in and outside of their own country. You are my doorway to that knowledge!

    Thanks and looking forward for ever more,

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Freddie. I hope to be a good “doorway” for you and the rest of the readers here. I am just being honest and presenting my feelings and what I see every day here. Hope it’s insightful enough for you!

      Warmest regards,

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